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20 Signs You Need to Get to Couples Counseling Now

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Does your relationship show some of the 20 signs you need to get to couples counseling now? It’s crazy how we have a tendency to put off the very things that can bring us the most relief and greatest well-being. Some of the things that we put off, to our own detriment, include: going to […] Read more…

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Couples Who Fight Smart Love Longer!

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Is it possible to be in a long-term, intimate relationship and never argue or fight? Of course not. And that’s not the goal, or even what’s needed to have a secure and happy relationship or marriage. In fact, couples who fight smart love longer.  Couples who learn how to intentionally manage conflict, end up with […] Read more…

Best Couples Therapist in Pueblo and Southern Colorado

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My mom always taught me, “Don’t toot your own horn!” So, I have to admit that it’s uncomfortable to publicly claim that I am among the very best couples therapist in Pueblo and Southern Colorado. Here’s why I’m “tooting my own horn” on this one: I’d like to let you in on what makes my couples therapy […] Read more…

Couples Counseling Helps You Fall Back In Love

Couples Counseling Helps You Fall Back In Love

Are you in a marriage or long-term relationship that has fallen flat in the romance department? Do you feel more like roommates or business partners than giddy girlfriend and boyfriend? If the feelings of being in love with your spouse seem like a distant memory and you want to bring them back into your present […] Read more…

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Reconnecting After Your Children are Grown and Where to Start


Wondering about reconnecting after your children are grown and where to start?  Renewing the intimacy in your marriage after the kids have grown up is challenging for most couples. You’ve been focused on the kids and family for ages, and suddenly you are alone together for the first time in years. Feeling distant? It’s not […] Read more…

Five Communication Lessons You Can Learn in Relationship Counseling


Poor communication is one of the main stressors on any relationship. Sometimes the simplest of messages can be misunderstood, causing hurt, resentment or in some cases leading to a full-on argument. Couples counseling, also known as marriage therapy or relationship counseling, focuses on teaching the skills of good communication. Discover below the five communication lessons you […] Read more…

If You’re Wondering Whether You Need Couples Counseling Ask Yourself These 5 Questions


Even the most healthy, loving relationships are likely to hit roadblocks from time to time, and often these roadblocks are too big to navigate on your own. If marital problems turn into recurring fights and resentments, you might start to ask yourself “are we going to make it?” The answer to this question may lie […] Read more…

One Thing You Should Tell Your Partner Every Day And It Is Not What You Think


A happy, healthy relationship doesn’t just happen. Sure, some couples seem to have it all, but in reality, every couple, has to work hard to have a good relationship. The truth is, every person is different, so there is no one formula for the idyllic marriage. And in all honesty, ‘idyllic’ is not something you […] Read more…

Five Habits of Happy Couples

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  Couples counseling isn’t just for fixing existing problems. In fact, addressing potential issues before they start is one key to a happy marriage. Relationship therapy can help you avoid potential problems before they ever occur, and also help you and your partner develop the five habits of happy couples. If you take some time to think about […] Read more…

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