Meet Lynda

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I am a couples therapist and marriage coach in Pueblo, CO, and I’m passionate about helping people build strong, loving connections that last. I believe that our personal relationships are where we have the potential to feel the most intense pain or the most immense pleasures in life. Relationships can house the deepest hurt or the greatest happiness on the planet, and can be incubators for either slow decay or steady, flourishing growth. Can you relate? On what side of the equation do you fall?
I remember being about fifteen years old, and telling my older friend and mentor, Rodney, that relationships were the thing upon which I placed the highest value. Now, over thirty-five years later, I still believe that. The hard part is that the thing that brings us the most magnificent potential also carries the greatest risk for devastation. As the saying goes, nobody gives us “The Manual” on how to create a happy, lasting marriage or loving partnership.
Knowing this, I have made it my life’s mission to figure out how to help people create relationships that bring about pleasure, happiness, and ongoing growth. I have been on this mission both for myself and for others seeking guidance, and the results are in: it works, both in practice and in theory. I am happy to say that my partner and I are the happiest couple I know.

Through couples counseling, I can help you become the happiest couple you know, too. Through my education as a student of life and of human science, I have developed a roadmap to guide you on your journey towards a successful and remarkable shared experience. I will give you the navigational tools that will help you stop the emotional roller-coaster ride and the revolving-door arguments, and help you move along the path of a secure, happy relationship, one in which you can continue to grow and be your authentic self, while always knowing that your partner has your back.

If you’re struggling with a painful, unhappy, or stagnant marriage, don’t wait another day. Let’s work together to change the course of your relationship. If you are single and need help to figure out how to heal from the pain of past hurt and heartbreak, and how to best welcome in a healthy, happy love that lasts, I can help you too. Call today to schedule a clarity session with me by clicking the Schedule An Appointment tab at the top of the page, or you can call me directly at (719) 544-0877.

Professional Bio:

I am so glad I made the investment of time and money that I did in order to get a Doctorate in Marriage and Family Therapy. I share this with you, not to brag or “toot my own horn,” but simply to let you know that I received the very best clinical and academic supervision in the world when it comes to relationships and marriage therapy. And I didn’t stop learning after my Ph.D: In fact, I have continued to study and train in new techniques over the years. I also have an EMDR with a Level 2 certification, with many years of EMDR therapy successes. Additionally, I am a Level 2 PACT Therapist, which has had a tremendously positive impact on my couples counseling work.

I must also honor and thank the hundreds of couples and individuals that I have worked with over the past twenty-plus years. Sitting with you, hearing your stories, and watching you grow and find happiness is what has taught me the most, and I know it has made me a better therapist and relationship coach

A Little Personal Info:

I want you to get a little sense of who I am as a person. First of all, I’m probably one of the most open-minded people that I know. I think that is because of how I grew up. My parents were from the USA, but worked internationally. I was born in Uruguay, South America, and spent many of my early years there, as well as a few years in Texas when I was a child. I had the good fortune of going to international middle schools and high schools in Uruguay, where I received an awesome education, and got to know other kids and teachers from all over the world. Having these multi-cultural experiences expanded my horizons from a very early age, and for that, I am so, so grateful. Embracing this broad view of the world has made me not just tolerant of people’s differences, but has encouraged me to celebrate them.

Another thing about me is that I’m an avid foodie. I love eating at all types of restaurants. I love cooking from well researched recipes as well as from my own creative imagination. I really enjoy watching shows that feature talented chefs, as well as all kinds of cooking shows. As a matter of fact, I can often be found at the gym over my lunch hour, walking on the treadmill and watching a cooking show on the Food Network. I even grow my own herbs and vegetables! In addition, I love to hike, walk in my neighborhood and on the river trail, go to art galleries, dabble in artsy projects, listen to live music, and travel. I have an affinity for the ocean, and whenever I’m asked to think of my “happy place” it’s always the beach. Finally, the last thing I’ll share is that I make my relationships with my family and friends a high priority, because in the end, I still believe that relationships are what matter most..