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Relationship Coaching for Individuals:

A 3 Month Program that Prepares You to Create a Relationship that Rocks!
Are you trying to recover from a recent break-up, still in pain, and afraid you’ll never have a successful relationship? Or have you been single awhile, and you’re feeling insecure and/or scared about getting back into the dating game? Are you in a relationship that isn’t happy, but your partner doesn’t “believe” in getting help and you don’t know where to turn? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this is the perfect program for you.Let’s spend 3 months working together so that you can heal from past relationship hurts, and learn how to be your authentic self and create a love-relationship that makes you feel completely secure and happy. After our work together, I’m sure that you will feel relieved, happy, and confident about relationships.

This 3 month coaching program will help you:

Clarify your deep desires regarding your ideal relationship
Identify and correct negative belief and patterns that aren’t serving you
Learn how to become an expert communicator so that you can be heard and understood
Heal from old relationship pain
Master the keys to having a happy relationship that lasts

Each month will include the following components:

    • Four, 1 hour long sessions


  • Weekly goal setting for relationship skills mastery with do-able homework assignments to propel you into growth



  • A unique guided mindfulness meditation recording


Bonus: Four 15 minute “emergency” telephone calls with me as needed throughout each month during the hours of 9 am to 9 pm. If I am busy, I will call you back within 4 hours.