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“Lynda is awesome. Her caring and kind spirit was so helpful and she made me feel like I was in a safe space as I moved through some difficult emotions. With her help I was able to feel into some things more freely and get some insight on how to move forward with difficult circumstances. She is very insightful and understanding and I highly recommend her!”

Korynn Elliott

“As a result of working with Lynda as a relationship coach we learned patience, communication skills, how to apologize, how to take ownership, how to not be selfish. We learned what’s really important in life!”

Bob M.

I just had a coaching call with Lynda Spann! I can’t tell you how wonderful of a coach she is! I feel completely empowered and prepared to revolutionize my relationship! She is seriously of high vibration! I can’t imagine a more positive experience talking about relationships. You all will want to check her out!

Jenn Longstreth

As a result of going through a Relationship Coaching program with Lynda Spann, I have better communication with my partner. Right before working with Lynda, we were going to call it quits! I’m so glad we found a safe place that we could both talk and receive help.


Before working with Lynda in relationship coaching, we were having more bad days than good days. We would fight over the silliest things. We had doubts about our relationship and called off the wedding because of it. Now we have many more good days than bad days. We treat each other with respect and love. We think before we speak or react. We know we love each other and are back on the same page.”

Rae G.

Lynda is a seasoned therapist/coach and her extensive knowledge shown through in helping me talk through some of my relationship issues. Lynda was able to give me some very practical suggestions to help connect more immediately to my husband, along with some simple communication phrases that are invaluable to the growth of my marriage. I highly recommend working with Lynda if you would like to work through anything regarding relationships, whether you are single, coupled, or anywhere in between!

Amy Pico

I had a great coaching session with Lynda Spann about relationship issues. She is amazing! She definitely is the go-to person for relationship concerns. Are you feeling a little lost in the relationship arena? Give Lynda a call.

Vilay Li

Before working with Lynda we had stressful arguments and discord to the point that we were about to separate. After working with Lynda, we have a more harmonious relationship with much better communication between the two of us.

S. C.