Relationship Transformation

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If your relationship is in trouble, you could be in a great deal of pain. The trust that should be at the core of your connection has been severely damaged, and you don’t know what the future holds.If this sounds like you, then the Relationship Transformation program might be exactly what you and your partner need to get back on track. Even if you have previously tried couples therapy in Pueblo or elsewhere and failed, I want you to know that there is hope! In this intensive six-week program, we will work together to bring you deep healing and restore your faith in yourselves and each other. Take heart in knowing that your relationship can heal, even if you are facing a shattering betrayal. At our Pueblo, CO, office, I lead relationship transformation workshops and marriage counseling that will help you rediscover the love that brought you together in the first place.This Relationship Transformation Package will help you:

Stop blame and criticism
Rebuild broken trust
Restore healthy intimacy
Be happy together again
Get past resentments and forgive each other

This Relationship Transformation Package is conducted over the course of six weeks, and includes:

Week One:

  • One Full Day Retreat: Relationship Breakthrough Retreat

nDuring your one day retreat, we will spend an entire day together, focusing on your relationship issues to gain a deeper understanding of what is causing you distress and pain. We will develop a customized plan with simple solutions that will massively shift your relationship from crisis mode into being truly happy and peaceful once again.

Private lunch will be provided for you at a local Pueblo restaurant of your choice.

Weeks Two through Five:

  • Four two-hour sessions

In my experience, working with a couple for a two-hour session creates quicker, longer-lasting results than the equivalent time spent in one-hour sessions. The frequency of your sessions can be modified to suit your needs, but once weekly is usually a good game plan. It allows you time to do the work I will ask of you in between sessions.

Week Six:

  • One Half Day Retreat: Relationship Success for Life

Wrapping up this six week program, we will spend a half day together, focusing on how to maintain your healthy relationship agreements, and how to continue the habits that will continue to bring you deep joy and emotional security for life.

In addition, the six week program includes:

  • Six weeks of email support for conflicts with your partner that you want to resolve NOW
  • 30 emails from me with unique Relationship Building Exercises, uniquely tailored to your specific relationship needs. There will be five exercises per week for the duration of the six week Relationship Rescue program.

BONUS:Book now and receive six fifteen-minute “emergency” telephone calls with me as needed throughout the six week program during the hours of 9 am to 9 pm. If I am busy with another client during these times, I promise that I will call you back within four hours.

Call to book your Relationship Rescue consultation today, and let’s get you back to where you started from – or someplace even better.

Lynda Spann, PhD, is a Marriage Coach in Pueblo, CO.