How to Save Your Marriage If Divorce Seems Imminent


Is your marriage in the process of getting derailed? Like a train-wreck about to explode onto the landscape of your already stressful life? If so, I’m sure you’re feeling worried, scared (if not terrified), angry, threatened, sad, hopeless, and maybe even like a failure. I’ve got some hope to share with you. So take a […] Read more…

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How Couples Survive Infidelity Without Getting A Divorce

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If you’re like most people, you probably told yourself after you got married (or maybe even before), “If my spouse ever cheats on me, it’ll be over!” It’s normal to think that if your spouse has an affair, you’ll head straight to a divorce attorney’s office. After all, affairs are unforgivable aren’t they?  You’re probably […] Read more…

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If They’re So Happy, Why Do Happy Couples Fight?

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  I was sitting in my favorite hip coffee shop the other day enjoying a simple latte and people-watching.  Right away I saw a spunky teenage girl and her equally energetic mother at the table next to me.  Two peas in a pod, I thought to myself. Shortly after noticing this duo, I overheard the […] Read more…

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3 Tips For How To Save Your Marriage Alone

Happy Couple

  In this piece I’m going to share my best 3 tips for how to save your marriage alone.  So the first thing I want you to wrap your head around is that it is absolutely possible to change your relationship if you are the only one that wants to. Yes, even if your spouse […] Read more…

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How To Save Your Marriage When You Feel Hopeless


Feeling hopeless about your marriage? If so, you are not alone.  Almost all marriages go through periods that can leave you feeling like you’re on one of those scary roller-coaster rides that make you want to throw up. It’s completely normal to hit a patch in your relationship where one of you doesn’t feel in […] Read more…

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20 Signs You Need to Get to Couples Counseling Now

Marriage Therapy

Does your relationship show some of the 20 signs you need to get to couples counseling now? It’s crazy how we have a tendency to put off the very things that can bring us the most relief and greatest well-being. Some of the things that we put off, to our own detriment, include: going to […] Read more…

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Couples Who Fight Smart Love Longer!

Playful Couple

Is it possible to be in a long-term, intimate relationship and never argue or fight? Of course not. And that’s not the goal, or even what’s needed to have a secure and happy relationship or marriage. In fact, couples who fight smart love longer.  Couples who learn how to intentionally manage conflict, end up with […] Read more…

Best Couples Therapist in Pueblo and Southern Colorado

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My mom always taught me, “Don’t toot your own horn!” So, I have to admit that it’s uncomfortable to publicly claim that I am among the very best couples therapist in Pueblo and Southern Colorado. Here’s why I’m “tooting my own horn” on this one: I’d like to let you in on what makes my couples therapy […] Read more…

Couples Counseling Helps You Fall Back In Love

Couples Counseling Helps You Fall Back In Love

Are you in a marriage or long-term relationship that has fallen flat in the romance department? Do you feel more like roommates or business partners than giddy girlfriend and boyfriend? If the feelings of being in love with your spouse seem like a distant memory and you want to bring them back into your present […] Read more…

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5 Helpful Things To Do If Your Partner Suffers From Anxiety

5 Helpful Things To Do If Your Partner Suffers From Anxiety

First of all, I want to acknowledge that if your partner suffers from anxiety, you are probably suffering, too. When you’re tightly woven together as a couple, if something uncomfortable is happening within your partner, you will also be affected. The good news is that because of this same interconnectedness, you are in a unique […] Read more…

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