Relationship Breakthrough

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Are you in a state of constant partner conflict? Or worse yet, do you feel so disconnected that you feel like “roommates?” If this sounds like you, couples counseling can help.In your relationship, do you feel like you are stuck in a vicious cycle that you can’t get out of? Do you feel distressed, helpless or think that the situation is hopeless? If so, couples counseling in Pueblo, CO. may be just the solution you need.If you resonated with any of the above statements, the Relationship Breakthrough program might be right for you.

I am a Ph.D and a marriage coach, specializing in couples counseling. If you are located in Pueblo, CO, or the surrounding areas, I want to hear from you. You need to know that your relationship is not beyond repair. Where there is love, there is always hope.

This Relationship Breakthrough Package will help you:

  • Stop the revolving-door arguments
  • Rediscover a meaningful connection with your partner
  • Learn how to communicate with each other, so that you both feel understood and validated
  • Get the lovin’ that you need and desire
  • Learn how to always have each other’s backs, no matter what

This Relationship Breakthrough Package is a marriage therapy technique, and is usually completed over the course of four weeks. It includes:

  • One Full Day Retreat: Relationship Breakthrough Retreat

We will spend an entire day together, focusing on your relationship in order to gain a deeper understanding of the issues that are causing you distress and pain. We will develop a customized plan with simple solutions that will massively shift your relationship back into high gear, bringing you to a place where you are truly happy and peaceful again.

During your one full day retreat, a private lunch will be provided for you at a local restaurant of your choice.

  • Three two-hour sessions (In my experience, working with a couple for a two-hour session creates more immediate and longer-lasting results than having two separate one-hour sessions)
  • Four full weeks of email support in order to help you resolve conflicts with your partner that you need handled NOW
  • Twenty emails from me, each with a unique Relationship Building Exercise that is tailored to your specific relationship needs. There will be five exercises per week over the course of the four weeks.


Bonus:Book now and receive four fifteen-minute “emergency” telephone calls with me, to be conducted as needed throughout the four-week program, during the hours of 9 am to 9 pm. If I am busy with another client, I promise that I will call you back within four hours.