Save Your Marriage From Boredom With This Question Game For Couples

Save Your Marriage From Boredom With This Question Game For Couples

You’ve probably heard of question games for couples. Most of the couples game questions out there were designed to help people that are on their first date. Or at least that don’t know each other very well.

But I got to thinking…

What about couples that have been together for awhile? Couples that think they’ve talked about everything under the sun?

Unfortunately, couples that have a long term relationship usually get to a point where their conversations go stale. Become boring. Sound like the same-old-same-old.

You know what I’m talking about, right?

Do you ever sit with your partner in awkward silence because you can’t think of anything new to talk about?

Or worse, do you and your spouse have the same, mundane conversation over and over, like a broken record?

This weekend I was out to dinner with my partner and we were talking up a blue streak. But the couple at the table next to us…they were just sitting there in silence.

Painful silence.

He was looking at god-knows-what on his i-phone until their food arrived. And she just appeared to be supremely uncomfortable, lonely, and bored. I could tell that it was definitely not their first date.

I thought to myself — I wish I had a list of questions to hand them. So they could connect and delight in one another’s company. And have fun.

That’s what prompted me to write this blog.

The couple from the restaurant will probably never see this article. But at least you can learn how to save your marriage from boredom with this question game for couples. Even if you’ve been together for a long time.

Next time you’re on date night, or hanging out with your honey at home use the questions below to deepen your relationship while having some  fun.

You’ll probably be quite surprised at some of the things you’ll discover or rediscover about each other.

The only rule for this questions game for couples, is that you have to treat all the responses with respect. Listen with an open mind and heart. And don’t argue or negatively judge any of your partner’s answers. Imagine being like a compassionate interviewer, bringing forth an interesting story with ease. Oh, and take turns asking each other these questions.

20 Questions: A fun game for couples who think they already know everything about each other:

  1. What’s your favorite memory of something we’ve done together?
  2. If you could travel anywhere in the world where would that be and why?
  3. What things in your life bring you the most joy?
  4. What do you like best about me?
  5. If you could spend a whole day doing something you love, what would that be?
  6. What’s the most important thing that your mom taught you?
  7. What big dream do you most want to pursue?
  8. Is there a limiting belief in you that keeps you from pursuing your big dream?  What do you think it is?
  9. If nobody judged you as being conceited, what would you say is your best attribute, quality, or accomplishment?
  10. What do you admire the most about your father?
  11. What do you think about the most during a regular day?
  12. If you were an amazing artist, what would you create, paint, sculpt, or design?
  13. How do you most aspire to be as a partner to me?
  14. What do you say to yourself when you’re feeling anxious or afraid?
  15. If you could hit the rewind button, what part of your life would you want to change?
  16. What’s a secret that you’ve never shared with anyone, including me?
  17. What questions do you have a hard time asking me? For example, questions about money or sex.
  18. What is your single greatest accomplishment in life? Who helped that become a reality?
  19. What do you want to be remembered for?
  20. What do you want our legacy as a couple to be?

Now that you know how to save your marriage from boredom with this fun question game for couples, go plan a date with your spouse.

But if you find yourself wanting to avoid spending an evening with your partner, you might need some couples counseling first.