Communication Problems? - Marriage Counseling Can Help You Be Heard

Communication Problems? – Marriage Counseling Can Help You Be Heard

Communication is the cornerstone of a successful relationship. If you have communication problems with your spouse, you may be doomed to the slow decline of a stale or hostile relationship. 

Problems will keep coming up. And you’ll have trouble solving them in a way that works for both of you.

Good communication is about more than just talking at your spouse. It’s about opening up in a way that’s vulnerable and not accusatory. And it’s also about listening from a place of curiosity and steadiness (vs defensiveness).

If you have communication issues in your marriage, you’re like 99% of the couples I see in my marriage counseling practice. 

Don’t worry, poor communication doesn’t automatically mean you’re headed for disaster. However, you might need a little help discovering the best way to solve your communication problems. 

Marriage counseling can provide both of you the skills required to effectively communicate. As a bonus, you’ll strengthen and grow your marriage in the process.

Do We Really Need Marriage Counseling?

Have you been avoiding marriage counseling because you think you can fix your communication problems on your own? Or, are you scared that a counselor or therapist will tell you things you may not want to hear?

Marriage counseling isn’t designed to be an attack on you or your partner. It also isn’t meant to belittle your relationship. Or point out everything you’re doing wrong.

Instead, couples counseling will equip you with new resources. Tools that’ll result in a happier and more secure relationship. 

Are you like so many couples that get stuck in negative communication patterns? Are caught in bad habits that are damaging to the quality of your marriage?

If you’re stuck in a pattern that isn’t working for you, marriage counseling can help. It will help you get out of the painful, vicious cycle. You’ll develop new skills. And you’ll create more effective communication patterns that will bring about relief. That’s because you’ll finally both feel understood.

Solving Communication Problems In Counseling

Most of us didn’t learn great communication skills from our parents, a wise mentor, or a college text-book. So it’s not surprising that communication problems are an epidemic in the relationship world.

If you’re tired of being misunderstood or of feeling completely unseen by your partner, couples counseling can help. 

A skilled marriage counselor can help you solve your communication issues. Your spouse can learn to really hear what you’re saying. Instead of cutting you off with their own agenda. 

And I’m betting you can discover some ways to improve your side of the two-way communication street, too.

After all, you both have a role to play when it comes to speaking your truth and listening with an open mind and heart.

Opening Up In A Neutral Setting

Communication issues aren’t always about how you say things. Sometimes, problems come about because you avoid talking about the hard stuff. Or you’re always working on avoiding disagreements.

I hate to break it to you…

If you’re keeping things from your partner because you’re afraid of how they might react, you’re contributing to the problems in your relationship.

It can be terrifying to be vulnerable. But, openness and vulnerability are essential to a successful marriage. 

If your spouse feels like you’re holding something back, it may damage their trust in you. And at the very least, it keeps your partner from knowing you fully.

Marriage counseling will provide a neutral space to open yourself up and learn to talk openly. 

A skillful marriage counselor can help you have the courage to communicate vulnerably. You can learn to speak your truth. And your partner can learn how to hear it in a loving way.

Building Skills To Last A Lifetime

Plain and simple…marriage counseling can help you and your spouse become better communicators. You’ll have a neutral place to learn and practice the very best communication skills.  

However, you won’t have to always go to counseling sessions to really hear and understand one another. Couples counseling will actually help you develop the muscle memory for these new foundational skills.

Then, you can take the best communication practices home with you—skills to last a lifetime.

If your marriage is struggling and poor communication is part of the problem, please feel free to contact me. 

As a marriage counselor in Denver, I love helping couples learn to become exceptional communicators. Together, we can work on the communication problems plaguing your marriage. And I’ll show you exactly how you can overcome them as a couple.

And if you don’t live nearby, consider coming to work with me in a Couples Retreat in Denver. You’ll leave with a new and effective communication plan in place.