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How to Save Your Marriage If Divorce Seems Imminent

Is your marriage in the process of getting derailed? Like a train-wreck about to explode onto the landscape of your already stressful life? If so, I’m sure you’re feeling worried, scared (if not terrified), angry, threatened, sad, hopeless, and maybe even like a failure. I’ve got some hope to share with you. So take a […]

How Couples Survive Infidelity Without Getting A Divorce

If you’re like most people, you probably told yourself after you got married (or maybe even before), “If my spouse ever cheats on me, it’ll be over!” It’s normal to think that if your spouse has an affair, you’ll head straight to a divorce attorney’s office. After all, affairs are unforgivable aren’t they?  You’re probably perplexed […]

If They’re So Happy, Why Do Happy Couples Fight?

I was sitting in my favorite hip coffee shop the other day enjoying a simple latte and people-watching.  Right away I saw a spunky teenage girl and her equally energetic mother at the table next to me.  Two peas in a pod, I thought to myself. Shortly after noticing this duo, I overheard the teen ask […]

How To Save Your Marriage When You Feel Hopeless

Feeling hopeless about your marriage? If so, you are not alone.  Almost all marriages go through periods that can leave you feeling like you’re on one of those scary roller-coaster rides that make you want to throw up. It’s completely normal to hit a patch in your relationship where one of you doesn’t feel in […]