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How To Save Your Marriage Before It Starts

It might seem strange to think about how to save your marriage before it starts, but now is absolutely the best time to safeguard your union. You save your marriage by talking. But not just about anything. You need to have deeply honest and thoughtful conversations about all the things that can tear a marriage […]

What Happy Couples Talk About Will Surprise You

Have you ever been at a restaurant and noticed a couple sitting alone together and not speaking? Awkward…and painful! When I see a couple like that, it actually makes me feel a little uncomfortable. In my brain I’m thinking…can’t you guys find anything to talk about? You must be so unhappy! One thing is for […]

What You MUST Know About Confronting A Cheating Husband

When you discover your husband is cheating on you, your heart drops to the bottom of your stomach. Meanwhile your emotions swing between fury and despair as you struggle with shock, grief, and betrayal. You know you have to confront him about what he’s doing so you can begin to make sense of your world […]

I caught my wife cheating. Now what do I do?

If you just found out that your wife has been unfaithful, you might want to scream out “ I caught my wife cheating. Now what do I do? ” But don’t. Right now you’re a hot mess. And that’s understandable. Even if you’ve been suspecting something wasn’t right, you never thought your spouse would actually […]

What Makes Happy Couples Happy?

Have you ever wondered what makes happy couples happy? You know, the grey-haired couples you see that are smiling, holding hands, leaning in, and treating each other with such sweetness – the ones that still have that gleam in their eyes when they look at one another. Well, I’ve discovered that there are some surprising […]

How To Save Your Marriage From An Affair

Are you seeking information on how to save your marriage from an affair? If so, you’re in the right place! Have you just discovered that your spouse, the one person you thought you could always count on 100 percent, has betrayed you? Or have you been unfaithful to your spouse despite your promises to remain true to […]